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Who We Are

 Hi, I'm Erin! My husband, Andrew, and I got married in 2017 and began the search for our first furry friend to add to our family. Fast forward a few months and we had fallen head over heals for the Bernedoodle! We quickly realized we not only wanted to add one to our family, but to also be part of many other families falling just as much in love with this amazing breed! 

We now get to do that, alongside our 3 little people who have since joined us! Yes, I did say 3! Our sweet twins, who joined us in 2019, and our newest little guy, who joined us summer of 2020, are all part of why we love doing this! 

We love getting to share our passion for our pups with our kiddos, while using this business as a means for us to spend more time with our kids!

We are so glad you have decided to come alongside us in this journey and look forward to seeing your family grow as you add a furry friend! 

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