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Meet Izzy

Izzy is our sweet, 70 lb, purebred Bernese Mountain dog! She was the first addition to our family and a big part of what led us to bernedoodles!  

Izzy is full of life and loves spending time outdoors! She is a huge fan of people and loves nothing more than getting to go on an evening walk! 

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Ember joined our family in the spring of 2021 and is our biggest fluffball!

Ember is a reverse F1b Bernedoodle, which means she is 3/4 Bernese and 1/4 poodle. Ember welcomed her first litter in Spring, 2023!

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Meet Hershey

Hershey joined us in the summer of 2020!

We immediately fell in love with his sweet personality! He is so eager to please and gentle with our kids from day one!

His favorite thing by far is a good neck scratch!

Hershey is a 30 lb, Moyen Poodle.

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